EIPS Student Transportaions Code of Conduct


Students shall:

  • Follow safe boarding and exiting procedures.
  • Scan their bus pass when boarding and exiting their assigned bus.
  • Sit safely in their assigned seat.
  • Be accountable for their conduct when waiting for, boarding, and riding the bus.
  • Only bring items that can be held on their lap while enclosed inside a standard student backpack.
  • Refrain from eating or drinking on the school bus.
  • Use electronic devices responsibly, which includes not taking pictures or video and audio recordings.

Parents shall:

  • Be familiar with the bus rules and expectations for student behaviour.
  • Initiate and respond to communication with bus operators, Student Transportation staff, and appropriate school personnel.
  • Assist children to be at their assigned bus stop two- to three-minutes before the scheduled pick-up time.
  • Support student efforts to ensure students have a safe and caring environment. 

Bus operators shall:

  • Provide a positive and safe environment that supports students.
  • Initiate and respond to communication with parents, school personnel, and Student Transportation staff.
  • Work with schools and Student Transportation to provide consistent behaviour expectations for students.
  • Ensure safe driving behavior.