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Mailing Address

École Campbelltown

271 Conifer Street

Sherwood Park, Alberta

T8A 1M4

Phone and Fax

Phone: (780) 467-5143

Fax: (780) 467-8608

Contact Form

  • Attendance
  • Mme Sauder (Principal)
  • Mme Garneau (Assistant Principal)
  • ECSC (Parent Council)
  • Mme Boswell (Counsellor)
  • Mme Showleh (Secretary)
  • Mme Viney (Secretary)
  • Mme Corsi
  • Mme Morin (ECS)
  • Mme Proulx (ECS)
  • Mme Sweeney (ECS)
  • Mme Barnes (Grade One)
  • Mme Fortin (Grade One)
  • Mme Genest (Grade One)
  • Mme Gravel (Grade One)
  • Mme Smith (Grade One)
  • Mme Archambault (Grade Two)
  • Mme Lambert (Grade Two)
  • M. Ndahiro (Grade Two)
  • Mme Aasen (Grade Three)
  • Mme Pathirana (Grade Three)
  • Mme Piper (Grade Three)
  • Mme Toffa (Grade Three)
  • Mme Bianchini (Grade Four)
  • Mme Gourley (Grade Four)
  • Mme. Ngoie (Grade Four)
  • Mme Rovensky (Grade Three and Four)
  • Mme Bernard (Grade Five)
  • Mme Deloisy (Grade Five)
  • Mme Kulhavy (Grade Five)
  • M Bérubé (Grade Six)
  • Mme. Devigne (Grade Six)
  • M Ghaoui (Grade Six)
  • Mme Bourgoin (Literacy)
  • Mme Pickering (Music)
  • Mme Pretzlaff (Music)
  • Mme Amyotte (Library)