Artist in Residence





 Fine Arts

In addition to regular art, music and drama instruction provided by our skilled classroom teachers, the students at École Campbelltown receive special instruction in the fine arts by professional French-speaking artists through the artists-in-residence program.

We will be hosting 3 cycles of artists in the 2017-2018 school year.


Sing, Dance, Create, and Play!

Our choirs and music programs are key to the identity of our school. Our talented music teachers offer curriculum related instruction in French using a variety of techniques such as Orff and Kodaly methodology. During music lessons the students are exposed to variety of musical experiences such as singing, creating rhythms and songs, creating and engaging in movement activities, and playing a wide variety of instruments including the Orff instruments, African drums, boomwhackers, handbells, and choir chimes. In addition to their regular music periods, students participate in grade level choirs once a week in which they focus on singing with correct technique and beautiful intonation.

École Campbelltown also offers extracurricular music opportunities such as a student handbell choir.

At École Campbelltown we believe in excellence...especially in the arts!