Volunteer Opportunities

There will be many volunteer opportunities throughout the school year. Please keep checking here for new information.

Hot Lunch Distribution
Each Early Dismissal Wednesday is a Hot Lunch fundraiser. We need at least one parent in each class to help distribute lunches. Please show up at the school and sign-in as a volunteer by 11:40 AM. You may contact the Hot Lunch Committee at ecolecampbelltown@hotlunches.net with any inquiries.

Focus on Music Committee
Help us reach our goals to improve our music program! In order for us to reach our goal, we need your support. This committee is looking for members to help plan and implement fundraisers throughout the school year. Please visit our fundraising section for more information on this initiative. Email ecolecsc@hotmail.com to sign-up.

Healthy Snacks Committee
Parents will collaborate to educate and support each other in making better food choices! Using online forum, webinars, and meetings, families can access a variety of resources to both improve and simplify eating habits and preparation.

A meeting will be held November 25th at 6:30 PM in the Birch room of the Strathcona Library to start planning some initiatives. Join the Facebook group: Fabulous Fare at Ecole Campbelltown to access resources and information.