Parent Council anxiety presentation and handouts

The attached presentation is the document that was presented at the February 2017 parent council meeting in regards to anxiety. The attached handouts was also provided at this presentation. 


37 Techniques to Calm an Anxious Child

Here are some techniques to help children cope with worries and anxiety 


Family Community Services Program Guide

Strathcona County’s Family and Community Services contributes to building a safe, healthy and vibrant
community that encourages the well-being of children, youth, individuals and families.

This service provides a range of supportive programs and services for residents of Strathcona County and are
continually seeking opportunities and partnerships to work together to meet the existing and emerging
needs in our community.

Family School Liaison

Please select the link to learn more about how a family school liaison worker can help your child.

CASA Family Handbook

This handbook provides information to parents, caregivers and guardians who want to:

✻ Learn about mental health and false beliefs people have about

mental illness.

✻ Know where to go for help.

✻ Get your child the help they need.

✻ Help you deal with day-to-day parenting.

✻ Understand the programs and services at CASA.

✻ Become involved as an advocate, or voice, for children’s mental health.

✻ Know you are not alone; we care about you.